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In this section, you will learn what my blog is about and why it was created and what I have instore for you. I created this blog to share my journey and the things I have and continue to learn in the online word of making money online.

Main goal is to learn how to create a passive income life online to use my time and control my own destine. If this sounds like something you are aiming for and/or would be interested in knowing more about, then I invite you bookmark my site and sign up to my free newsletter.

In my newsletter you will receive information on that is not available on my site and more detail information on what opportunities I am involved in at the moment and what tips and tricks to help you start your own online empire. Also by signing up to the newsletter you will be amongst the first to get a hold of my free ecourse & pdf on the Essential Blogging Guide to starting a business online when it becomes available.

Essential Blogging Guide is not currently finish as I am in the process of creating the content it but here are just a few of the things you will find inside once it done.

  • Tips on create valuable content
  • How to start a online business from scratch and research involved
  • Strategies to generate traffic
  • Step by step instruction on market research, google adwords, domain and hosting, wordpress.
  • SEO(Search engine Optimization) tips and strategies
  • How to get targeted traffic
  • How to use social media and web 2.0 to income your income
  • Affiliate market & internet marketing tips and strategies

Again if this all sounds like something you would be interest sign up now

Some of the area that will be covering on my blog are listed below and

  • Book Reviews & Recommendations – Books, software, products
  • Starting a online business – Essential steps to take to getting your business online
  • Tips, tactics,  and Strategies to blogging successfully – Essential guide to blogging.
  • Product review for affiliate programs – Get the inside information on products
  • Ways to make money online – Learn to create income online
  • Passive income – Learn how to create multiple passive income streams
  • Property – Learn tips to invest in property
  • Help & Useful resources – Useful too and software that I currently use
  • Remember I am just like you only difference is I am taking action and taking control of my destiny.