$48.1B in Amazon Sales Get your cut

$48.1B in Amazon Sales Get your cut

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Amazon Earning

According to the latest figures published by the online retailer, Amazon saw its operating cash flow increase by 12% to $3.90 Billion in Q4, 2011, which compared to $3.50 Billion operating cash flow the company reported for the year-ago quarter.

Net sales also saw an increase on the firm’s year-ago quarter, with the company reporting a 35% to $17.43 Billion for its last quarter. Meanwhile, Amazon’s operating income was pegged at $260 Million in the fourth quarter, this compares to $474 Million in Q4, 2010.

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How to create Amazon website that promote a product?

The best and only way I would recommend is learning from those who have experience creating and making money online with amazon affiliate website.

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Disclaimer: This is not a get rich scheme you need to put in the work and build your website to help solve a problem or provide your readers with solution.

Here is what you will learn

  • How to select your hosting & providers
  • How to install WordPress
  • How to set your goals
  • How to conduct keyword research
  • How to pick buying keywords
  • How to optimize your theme to suit your blog
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Behind the screen of the Amazon Empire